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Sheep Placenta Serum Complex + Vitamin A,C,E (For Whitening)

Sheep Placenta Serum Complex + Royal Jelly + Vitamin E (For Firming) YELLOW CAPS

Sheep Placenta Serum Complex+ Squalene + Vitamin E (For Moisturizing

Dermafal Plasenta Seum Complex With Squalene & Vitamin E  60's

Dermafal gently cares for your skin.
Its sheep placenta, squalene and vitamin E reinvigotrates the skin from and into its deep layers
1. Its antioxidant properties reduce and prevent damage from free radicals that ravage skin over time.
2. Skin identical ingredients then help your skin rebuild its protective outer barrier while mimicking its structure to prevent moisture loss.
3. Cell communicating agents encourage skin cells to behave efficiently and healthily while instructing damage-causing cell to shut down.
This lessen cell damage and reinforce your skin's ability to function at its best and overcome environmental stress
Continued use rebuilds healthy skin from its roots, prevent wrinkles and visibly improve skin texture
Fortified with Squalene and Vitamin E, this moisturizing solution is specially formulated to help moisturize skin as well as recover from sunburns or lesions. When used daily, it will help your skin feel young and revived
Restores skin moisture
- Aids wound recovery
- Improves skin elasticity & reduces wrinkles
- Lighten freckles
- Reduce stretch marks

Benefits Of Placenta

Anti-aging properties
Containing 30 kind of amino acids, peptides, vitamins, saccharides, nucleic acids, hundreds of mineral, enzymes and growth factors.
These are essential to activate and regenerate fibroblast cell which ultimately bringing benefits on skin firming, elasticity, wrinkles reduction, lightening freckles & rejuvenate dull skin cells.

Reverses sun damage
Containing humectant factors that attract and hold water molecules to the skin. The presence of moisture is important for glowing and youthful skin.
Humectant is also effective in preventing moisture loss after prolong exposure to sunlight and air-conditioning.

Assists in recovery
Containing peptides & growth factors that provide relief and faster recovery from UV damage, erythema (redness), edema (swelling), skin thickening, wrinkling, stretch marks and scars.
With continued use, Dermafal restores skin's optimum moisture levels and improves elasticity while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Even freckles & acne scars will lessen as it brings back
beautiful skin.

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